Middle School Happenings
Mr. Will’s and Ms. Erika’s class

Beautiful Cozzi Candles for You!

The Adolescents are making the perfect item for that special gift, to give or to keep for yourself, for your home or office. Hand poured Cozzi Candles! These beautiful candles come in various shapes, styles, colors and scents. All of the candles are hand poured soy wax and burn cleanly and slowly.

The glass containers are cut on site and come in a wide range of styles and colors, most donated by MANJ families and staff. You may choose the perfect candle for your home or office from the varied selection available or bring in your own clean, empty glass bottle or jar for a custom made candle in your favorite scent and colors!

See the display at Café le MANJ! Prices: 12 oz bottle $8.00; 750 ml bottle $15; 1 liter bottle $20.

Budding Middle School Artists Visit SOTA, Phila. – Wed., Oct. 29th

On Wednesday, October 29th, the Middle School students visited SOTA–Spirit of the Artist, the gallery gift shop owned and operated by Frank Burkhauser who only sells gifts that are 100% American Made by artisans he knows. Frank is the father of Juel & Augie in our Elementary class. SOTA is located at 1022 Pine Street, on Historic Antique Row, in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia.

Over the next few weeks, the students will be crafting homemade candles and hope to exhibit–and sell!–their handiwork at SOTA. Look for more details on the candle sale in future Weekly Bulletins and please visit SOTA in the meantime because the spirit of the artist is in every gift they sell!

Middle School Students Visit Franklin Institute – Wed., Oct. 22nd

The Middle School students are currently studying the Science of the Brain, prompting the trip to Philadelphia to visit the Franklin Institute’s “Brain Exhibition”.

The exhibit offers the “Neural Climb”–the new neural network climbing structure, visualizations of the brain, different varieties of brain imaging technologies as well as firing neurons.

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Classroom Photos:

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