Toddler Happenings
Ms. Ratna’s Class

May 2015 Happenings

Now that May is well underway and the weather is very pleasant, the Toddlers are able to spend a lot of time outside, exploring, learning and playing. They love to garden and enjoy planting seeds and flowers and pulling weeds. Soon we will start watering the plants and refresh with a cooling splash or two! The Toddlers also enjoy feeding the guinea hens and rooster.

We have been taking long walks to the church and to the park and the children love it! We have snack outside on the deck most days and sometimes in the gazebo on the back lawn of the school.

We take balls outside to play with and use sidewalk chalk to draw on the black top. The Toddlers also play in the sandbox and play structure in the Toddler playground.

The Toddlers have welcomed two new students, Aaria and Andrew. They are both settling down well as they get to know their new friends and the routines of the Toddler class.

Enjoy the rest of the school year! ~ Ms. Ratna, Ms. Emily and the Toddlers.

Classroom Photos:

The photos below show some of the work the students are doing each day.  Click on a photo to begin the slideshow.

April 2015 Happenings

April has arrived but it still is not as warm as we would like it to be! The Daffodils in the Toddler yard are in full bloom and look beautiful. The children love to admire them and they say, “the flower is yellow.” The lovely Amaryllis in our classroom is just about to bloom. It will be bright red.

Before Spring Break, the Toddlers finished coloring eggs for their Easter baskets. Due to the bad weather, our Easter Egg hunt took place indoors this year. We hid the eggs all around the classroom and the children had to “hunt” to find them. They were very excited!

We welcome a new Toddler to our community, Jehan Defonseka, the son of Ms. Marie (ADM). The children love taking care of him and showing him around his new environment. We look forward to meeting another new student, Aaria, who will begin visiting next week.

On days when the weather is fine, we have once again been able to take short walks. Soon we will take longer walks to the park and to see the creek on Conrow Road. We enjoy playing on our deck and in our yard. The Rooster enjoys playing there too and often peeks in our window to observe our class in the morning!

We hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break and we cannot wait for more “Springlike” weather to arrive! ~ Ms. Ratna, Ms. Emily and the Toddlers.

March 2015 Happenings

Springlike temperatures have arrived at MANJ this week and with the snowy weather behind us, the Toddlers have been enjoying playing outside on their deck again. Hopefully, that is the end of the snow and cold temps and we can continue our daily walks!

The Toddlers are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We have been gluing green tissue paper onto cut out shamrocks and are using the color green in various projects. The Toddlers also learned that you can make the color green by mixing yellow and blue together.

We recently welcomed two new children to our class, C.J. Keith and Simone Vener. The older children are helping them settle down in their classroom. Two of our Toddlers have also moved up to the Primary level, Sebastian and Elena Tyler, and we wish them the very best in their new classes!

Happy St. Patties Day from Ms. Ratna, Ms. Emily & the Toddlers!

February 2015 Happenings

In the month of February, the Toddlers have welcomed our new classroom assistant, Ms. Emily, and they are interacting with her very well. We have also welcomed a new student, Simone. Anna and Steven have moved up to the primary ADM class and we wish them much success in his new class! Sebastian and Elena have begun “visiting” the ADM and Primary A classes, respectively.

The weather has been so cold, we cannot venture out for too long. We went walking down the driveway one of the days when it was not so bitterly cold. Our children have had their fair share of getting sick, but now everyone is back to school–we are all looking forward to spring time!

The Toddlers have decorated all kinds of hearts for Valentine’s Day and have made Valentine’s cards for the parents. The children enjoyed these art projects.

Keep warm during the freezing winter days and maybe it’s not too long before spring weather arrives!

~ Happy Valentine’s Day from Ms. Ratna, Ms. Emily and the Toddlers!

January 2015 Happenings

The Toddler community wishes everyone a happy New Year! We hope your holidays were peaceful and restful. We are getting back to our daily routine now. The children are very happy to come back to school after the long break and enjoy being with their Toddler friends again!

The weather being very cold outside, we are only able to go outside for a short time. The days we cannot go out at all, we stay inside and do jumping exercises! We walk on the line with music—a favorite activity of the Primary children!–and we play with special puzzles. In class, the children are doing activities like cutting, gluing, printing, painting and other practical life activities.

In the month of January, we have two children ready to leave us and move on to the primary level. Anna has already moved up to ADM and we wish her all the best and good luck in her new class!

~ Ms. Ratna, Ms. Jennie and the Toddlers!

December 2014 Happenings

Christmas is right around the corner and the toddlers have been busy creating Christmas art work and making Christmas cards for the holidays. The children enjoy gluing cut-out snowmen and placing glitter on cut-out stars. They have also been decorating a big cut-out paper Christmas Tree with glitter and stickers, which we now have hanging in the classroom. We are listening to and practicing Christmas songs. The toddlers love “Jingle Bells” the best!

With Ms. Ratna visiting India, Ms. Jennie is happily working with the Toddlers in the mornings. Ms. Jennie, a graduate of MANJ, received her AMI A-I (Assistance to Infancy for 0-3 years) and AMI Primary Teaching Certification at Centro Internazionale Montessori in Perugia, Italy. She is the mother of four children, all of whom attended MANJ, and is currently researching and developing Infant-Parent classes at MANJ.

~ Happy Holidays from Ms. Ratna, Ms. Jennie, Ms. Miriam and the Toddlers!

November 2014 Happenings

November is already here–soon it will be Thanksgiving time! Our children are coloring and gluing fall leaves and gluing cut out turkeys. They are also decorating turkeys with colorful feathers.

We have been enjoying the continued mild weather, spending time outdoors. The Toddlers have been having fun raking leaves in our Toddler yard and putting them into bags.

We have already welcomed 2 new children to our program–Madeleine and Rishi! We will soon welcome twin brother and sister, Sebastian and Elena! Eoin is “moving up” to the primary class and we wish him all the best! We will miss him and know that he will make lots of friends in ADM.

~Happy Thanksgiving to all from Ms. Ratna, Ms. Miriam and the Toddlers!

October 2014 Happenings

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner. The Toddlers are busy with special fall projects such as squeezing small pieces of orange tissue paper and decorating cut out paper pumpkins. Soon, they will begin to decorate the little pumpkins to take home to share with their families. The pumpkins were purchased for us by our MANJ PA–thanks to your Activity Dollars!

The Toddlers love spending time outside. A favorite activity is drawing with side walk chalk on the macadam near the playground. The temperatures have been so mild, we have been able to continue our long walks to the creek. The little ones are getting much better at walking, and all of the Toddlers enjoying being outside, observing nature and the world around them!

Happy Halloween to all! ~ Ms. Ratna, Ms. Miriam and the Toddlers

September 2014 Happenings

We are all back in school after the summer vacation–the toddler class had a very good summer program and are happy to be back to school now. Over the summer, Nathaniel and Gabriel joined the program during summer and Henry and Owen joined us in September. We are a classroom full of boys and one girl!

The new children seem to have settled down very well. Our returning students are taking good care of the younger ones who have just joined us and are helping them settle in the classroom. An older child walks with a younger child when we go for walks and we met a lady yesterday while we were walking down Conrow Road who commented, “They are so orderly”.

With the weather being so pleasant we are taking long walks down Conrow Road to the creek almost every day and the children love it! We have been to Conrow Park once also and are trying to be outdoors as much as possible before the cold winter days come.

The Toddlers are looking forward to the new school year!

~Ms. Ratna, Ms. Miriam and the Toddlers